Rules & Regulations

**Pitt County Community Schools & Recreation Building

· The facility is available for rentals between the hours of 8:00 am-10:00 pm Monday-Sunday; pending the availability of the date (s) in question.

· You are liable for your guests and ALL facility damages that may occur during your event.

· The kitchen is not for rent or use by the public.

· Cars can not remain parked in front of any door to the facility. This is a drop off and emergency vehicle location only.

· Renters must include set-up and break down times within the scheduled hours of use. You will not be permitted to enter the facility early.

· Children must remain with guardians at all times. They are not allowed to run freely throughout the facility.

· Renters may use white adhesive putty ONLY to hang items from the wall (no sharp items or tape).

· Items may NOT be attached to any part of the ceiling.

· Signage may NOT be taped, pinned, or nailed to the building. However, on the day of the event signs are allowed to be staked into the ground. The signage must be removed at the completion of the event.

· ALL decorations must be removed upon the completion of the event. All food, utensils, cups, and plates must be placed in receptacles.

· All grills and outdoor cooking equipment must remain at least 25 feet away from the building.

· Alcohol and/or drugs are not permitted on the premises.

· Smoking is not allowed in/or around the building.

· Additional fees will be charged if the party has not completely exited the facility by the time paid for as stated on the Use of Facility form.

  • 5 minutes     = $20.00
  • 15 minutes   = $40.00

A group that leaves after 20 minutes will be charged an additional $10.00 for each five minute period or any fraction thereof.

To be fair to everyone your exit time will be based on the clock at the facility.

· Individuals that do not pay any additional fees will be banned from using the Pitt County Community Schools and Recreation building and any other school facility for future events.

· Consistently disregarding or neglecting facility rules will lead to cancellation or dismissal of the event without a refund.


Section 115-133 of the General Statutes of North Carolina, provides, in pertinent part, that no liability shall attach to any Board of Education individually or collectively for personal injury suffered by reason of the use of school property. It is understood and agreed by and between the parties of this contract that under this Statute and under the doctrine of governmental immunity the Pitt County Board of Education is exempt from any and all liability for any damage or injury to person or property caused by or resulting from any cause of happening whatsoever. It is further understood and agreed by and between the parties to this contract that the use of school facilities shall have full and complete responsibility for the proper care and use of such facilities and shall be liable to the Pitt County Board of Education for any damages to such school facilities resulting from any action of the user or the user’s agent, employees, members of the invitees during the period of use of such facilities by users as approved by the Pitt County Board of Education. The user of school facilities under and pursuant to the terms of this contract hereby agree to indemnify and hold the Pitt County Board of Education harmless on account of any property damage or personal injury resulting from the use of said school facilities by user except to the extent otherwise provided by law. It is understood that upon the signing of the contract all parties involved in stated organization have read and understand the policy entitled “Rules and Regulations for Use of Facilities”. It is further understood that the organization or individual agree to fees and charges as stated and will be responsible to pay for any damages during the use of facility.


**Pitt County School Facilities

The following rules and regulations govern the use of all school facilities. Failure to comply with them will result in the complete withdrawal of privileges to use school facilities.

  1. All school activities take first priority over use of all school facilities.
  2. Facilities can be used only if proper supervision and/or janitorial services can be obtained.
  3. The group, organization, or individual renting the facility is responsible for any and all damage to the facility used during the time of rental.
  4. The user must adhere to all school rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of concession stands.
  5. School policy regulations regarding law enforcement personnel will be followed.
  6. When a kitchen is to be used, at least one cafeteria assistant must be present.
  7. Groups, organizations, or individuals must comply with the required supervision indicated on the Application for Use of Facilities.
  8. It is understood and agreed that tentative approval is given the user at the time application is approved and final approval will be given thirty (30) days from the date of the anticipated use of the facility.
  9. Groups, organizations, and individuals may use school facilities within their own high school attendance area. Requests outside the attendance area will be considered on an individual basis.
  10. No weddings or funerals will be allowed in school facilities.
  11. All fees must be paid by the due date listed on the completed application or the activity will be cancelled automatically. Fees should be submitted to the Community Schools and Recreation Office.
  12. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in any facility or on school property.
  13. “Jointly sponsored” activities related to the school (booster clubs, etc.) are permitted to keep concession rights or other monies made a part of their contract that exceed the amount to be charged under the fee schedule.
  14. When an activity is unrelated to the school (Pitt-Green Electrical Corporation Annual Meeting, Rescue Squad Appreciation Dinner, etc.) and the principal would not normally attend, the principal, if he or she chooses to provide supervision, may either retain the supervision fee for his/her own use or place it in the general fund to be used by the school.
  15. Leasing and/or renting of the schools’ properties must not hamper the schools’ programs in any way.
  16. A Pitt County Board of Education employee shall be present when buildings are being used to:
    • Open and prepare the building for use.
    • Guard areas of the building not in use by renter.
    • Ensure that the building is properly secured after use has terminated.
    • Inspect the building and report any damage, abuse, and unusual circumstance to the building principal.
  17. An adult supervisor must be in attendance at all times to accept responsibility for:
    • The care of the facility and equipment.
    • The conduct of the group using the facility.
    • The confinement of the group’s activities to the area and equipment assigned.
    • The vacating of the premises at the arranged time.
  18. When activities involve minors, additional adult supervision must be provided on a ratio of at least one adult per 25 minors.
  19. Any group using facilities must assume full responsibility for cleaning the area used or prepay fees to cover cleaning.
  20. Any group using facilities must be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to the facility/equipment during usage.
  21. Only in rare instances will classrooms be rented to groups during the school year.
  22. Only the use of the gymnasium playing floor will be permitted. The use of equipment belonging to the school is not permitted.
  23. Smoking is prohibited within the building and on the school campus. Any user of school facilities, as a condition of the use of said facilities, must comply with all fire ordinances and regulations of the Pitt County Fire Marshal with respect to the manner of use.
  24. Equipment, goods, and materials may not be brought into the school facilities without approval of the principal of the school. Any approved items must be removed by the applicant upon termination of the rental period.
  25. Concession rights shall be reserved for the school where the facilities are being used unless otherwise granted by the principal.
  26. Playing fields may be used without charge provided the grounds are maintained and left in good order, no lights are used, and no individual and/or team fees are being collected. Fields should not be used in inclement weather or at any time the principal determines the field is not in condition for use. An application must be filed by any applicant desiring to use playing fields, and upon approval of use, the applicant shall be permitted the use of playing fields.
  27. No facility may be rented later than 10:30 p.m. unless by specific permission.
  28. Contracts may not be transferred from one group to another. Contract cancellation must be at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event.
  29. The Pitt County School System retains the right to deny any request to use a facility which it deems not to be in the best interest of the school system, whether for reasons of security or because of the nature of the activity.
  30. All fees and charges for the use of facilities, including fees for personnel, must be paid to the Community Schools and Recreation Office.
  31. Commercial organizations whose purposes are primarily for profit may, on a limited basis, be permitted to use school facilities. They will be required to provide law enforcement officers for security at a ratio determined by the City Police Department or Sheriff’s Office. Verification of coverage must be presented in writing to the Community Schools and Recreation Office. These organizations may also be required to have liability coverage in the amount of one million dollars showing coverage for Pitt County Schools.
  32. There will be no rental of school facilities during holiday closings (i.e., Christmas, Spring Break, etc.) This does not preclude use by Community Schools and Recreation programs or programs sponsored by agencies working cooperatively with Community Schools and Recreation throughout the year.