Our History

Prior to the ratification of the Community Schools Legislation in 1977, the Pitt County Board of Commissioners had researched avenues for providing recreation services in Pitt County. Reports show that it was difficult to determine a means for working with both well-developed recreation departments, as well as very small communities lacking a recreation organization. Realizing that any county recreation program would be dependent on the use of school facilities, the Community Schools Program seemed to be a logical venue for this development. Thus the original vision for Pitt County Community Schools became to maximize the utilization of school facilities, encourage greater citizen involvement with the schools, and develop recreation programs and activities for citizens of all ages.

Community Schools and Recreation Department Today

Today, Pitt County Community Schools and Recreation continues to represent a unique partnership between the Pitt County Board of County Commissioners and the Pitt County Board of Education.

With the strong support and ownership of the two largest governmental agencies in Pitt County, Community Schools and Recreation has evolved into a department that:

  • Coordinates the use of facilities in thirty-five schools.
  • Provides for greater citizen involvement through volunteerism.
  • Plans, implements, and coordinates recreation programs for citizens of all ages.
  • Works cooperatively with agencies and organizations throughout Pitt County and North Carolina.
  • Coordinates an After School Program in ten elementary schools.
  • Works collaboratively with schools and communities to develop school parks across the county.