Introducing the New CSR Logo!

Pitt County Community Schools & Recreation (CSR), much like the County Home Complex in which it is located, consists of many components that work together as one to improve the overall quality of life for the residents we serve. While the services and programs we offer are of the utmost importance, it is equally important that CSR consistently and successfully presents itself to our community. This ensures a reliable recognition of our efforts by the public, and reduces confusion of our services with those of another public or private agency.

The new Pitt County Community Schools & Recreation (CSR) logo completely replaces all previous logos; and as of 2019, is the primary illustration used to represent CSR in all publications and visualizations, both internal and external. The logo is an individualized variant of the County Home Complex logo, to represent CSR’s vital inclusion as an anchoring component of the County Home Complex.

The logo utilizes earthen tones of green, yellow, and brown, to promote the nature-centered focus and healthy lifestyles associated with parks, open community spaces, and outdoor recreation. The CSR name flows into an outline of the County; with the outline itself flowing into the “Active Resident” character, presented as a figure in motion. Just below the name, above “Pitt County, NC”, and to the left of the Active Resident figure, are three vertical yellow stripes with negative spaces in between. The stripes and spaces represent the various architectural and design elements found within the County Home Complex, most notably the crosswalk bridging the East and West portions of the Complex across County Home Road (a first of its kind regionally). They also represent the rows within the Making Pitt Fit Community Garden, as well as the differing grid lines applied to the various sports fields offered at the Alice F. Keene District Park.

This logo makes CSR’s correspondence easily recognizable, and offers a consistency that our residents and partner agencies need.